FHM ‘Racist’ Cover Gets Nixed After Readers Complain (PHOTO)

What I really love is the non-apology that FHM and Bela gave. Bela Padilla acted as if she had NO idea what was going on. Of course she made the typical “But we have Indigenous Black Filipinos. How can we be racist?”. Hmmm, maybe because black Filippina women don’t make the cover of your magazines, and are dissed on a daily basis? Maybe that’s a start. The racism is so ingrained that no one out of their 200+ staff saw anything wrong with this? Being fair is all the rage, and darker skinned people are penalized in all aspects of life in the Philippines. The racism is so ingrained that they still just don’t get it. There is NO beauty in that cover FHM. NONE! Dark people aren’t shadows or something to graduate from being, nor is fairness something to be attained with “coming of age”. Le sigh. Idiots I tell ya.

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  • 2 years ago